Crochet Club in Second Grade!


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Almost everyday at 12:15, during Quiet Time, you can find a group of second graders crocheting! Yarn of all different colors and textures is being looped and twisted into ropes of record lengths. They meet in the loft, either upstairs or downstairs, depending on the schedule for the day. Urgent questions that need answering are:

How did the Crochet Club get started?

Why is crocheting so interesting?

What do you make?

Why are so many people interested in crocheting?

What kind of yarn is best for crocheting?

How does someone learn to crochet?

What does the word crochet really mean?

These questions and more require answers!

Directions for leaving a comment:
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2.  Find the blue words logged in and click on them.
3.  Your Username and Password are the same as your computer log in at school.
4.  A comment box will appear for you to leave your thoughts.


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