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Architects of Marble Towers

An architect is someone who designs and builds, not only buildings but all kinds of different structures. Architects are creative problem solvers that use science and math. In Ms. Angel’s second grade, there are some skilled and enthusiastic architects. What … Continue reading

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Crochet Club in Second Grade!

  Almost everyday at 12:15, during Quiet Time, you can find a group of second graders crocheting! Yarn of all different colors and textures is being looped and twisted into ropes of record lengths. They meet in the loft, either … Continue reading

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2014 Sochi Olympics

  The Olympics make us feel so many different emotions: amazement, admiration, astonishment, and more… The skills of the athletes are incredible! The way each athlete has prepared for their events teaches us a lot about practice, persistence (stick-to-it-ness) and … Continue reading

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Artifacts From The Past

Today we had a discussion about how what has happened in the past changes our present. We are also beginning our biography research about leaders, inventors and writers. Some of these famous people lived long ago and changed the way … Continue reading

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