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iPad Collections

Wescott iPads for 3rd-5th grade were collected yesterday, June 4. If your students had any missing/damaged items, please have them bring down their money ASAP this morning!   Wescott shared devices will be collected Wed. June 6.   Let me know if you have any questions!

Seesaw & Digital Portfolios Presentation

On last Friday’s half day, Stacy Rich and I presented on Seesaw & Digital Portfolios to K-2 teachers. I know many 3-5 teachers use it as well, so please refer to this slideshow if you’d like to learn more! Seesaw Slideshow Also remember that I am a Seesaw Ambassador and can help with anything Seesaw …

New Seesaw Feature!

As of today, Seesaw has released a new update to its announcement feature. You can now add attachments!!! This can be adding newsletter attachments, class pictures, permission slip reminders, etc. The opportunities seem endless! To learn more click here.

Free Choice iPad Time Tips

Students love receiving iPad free time! It gives them choice and a reward to work towards. Though do you feel that their free choice isn’t always the best choice? Promote the use of apps!!! District 30 is so fortunate to have such a wide range of apps and resources for students! Kids love Google and sometimes it …

Student Powered Twitter Feeds!

Have a classroom Twitter account? Wish you could post more often? Can’t seem to find enough time in the day? GIVE STUDENTS THE POWER! Students love social media and what better way to involve students in the classroom than having them join in on the classroom Twitter page? It’s very simple! Make it a weekly …

Snowy Shortcuts

With winter break just around the corner, teachers are taking time to relax, decompress, and enjoy the holiday season. There are also those teachers who love to use this time off as an opportunity to refresh and discover new lessons, activities, and ideas. But who doesn’t love easy shortcuts to make our time using our …

Hour of Code: Dec. 4-8

This week is Hour of Code week! In library, Mrs. Janavicius and I will be co-teaching 30 minute coding lessons using various apps or with your students. If you would like any additional resources, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Seesaw Activities, Skills, & Updates!

Hi Everyone! Just some friendly Seesaw updates! A few weeks ago I sent out a Seesaw Activities and Skills “how to” page that informed you of some new updates. Please click here for that link. Another new update lets teachers share Activities that they have created with other teachers! Please click here to learn more …