Wednesday, September 24th, 2014...8:34 am

Pioneer Life in the 1800s

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We had an excellent field trip to the Grove! We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect day with the sun shining and the warm weather. This was a very informative trip about everyday pioneer life in the 1800s. It was very fascinating to hear about all the chores each member of the family had to partake in every day. It was also incredible that an entire family had to fit in such a tiny log cabin. Especially because the one we saw was one of the largest cabins!

After learning about the necessity of having our basic needs met in social studies, it was quite apparent that there were many challenges for the pioneers to meet their needs each day. They worked extremely hard to make sure they had food, water, and shelter. It would be very exhausting walking a half mile each time you needed water from the river, waking up early to help with cooking, hunting for food, protecting the inside of the log cabin, and much more! ¬†After hearing about the “typical” daily schedule of adults and children, it sure made me appreciate what we have today. What did you find to be surprising? Did you find any of the chores to be fun/exhausting/redundant?

Although the children kept very busy with daily chores, there was occasional time to play games like the “pin drop.” After experiencing an afternoon as a pioneer, would you enjoy living in a log cabin during the 1800s? What challenges would you face? Share about your favorite part of the field trip.