Thursday, January 26th, 2017...10:01 am

Chicago History Museum

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Yesterday we visited the Chicago History Museum and had such a great time! We learned so much about the history of Chicago, including some of the famous events that took place such as the Battle at Fort Dearborn, The Chicago Fire, and the Chicago Fairs (Worlds Columbian Exposition and the Century of Progress). We also learned about many historical people including Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. etc. Some of the exhibits included more recent historical events, places, and landmarks. You saw the exhibit of the Chicago sports teams and many of the famous landmarks like the Bean, Willis Tower, and Buckingham Fountain. You were also able to go onto an ā€œLā€ train and see many of the different dioramas. Another popular destination in the museum was the “sensing room” where you could smell the different senses that represented certain places and things in Chicago. You could even be made into a true “Chicago style” hot dog (without ketchup of course)!

What was your favorite part of the field trip? Did you enjoy a specific exhibit? What was something new that you learned? Share about your field trip experience below.Ā 
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