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Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Putting Together Our Terrariums

Today was a very exciting afternoon! We are now prepared for the arrival of our isopods. We learned that a terrarium is a container that provides a habitat for organisms. There were many steps in putting the terrarium together. First, you had to come up with a plan for your new habitat and today you actually set it up with your group.

There was a lot to think about as you built your terrariums. What were some of the environmental factors that you considered as you set up your terrarium? How did you determine where to place the seeds or the way the soil was to be ¬†arranged? What was your groups’ reasoning for using regular water or fertilizer water?

At the end of class, you also had some very important decisions to make about where to place your terrarium in our classroom. Our hope is that we start to grow plants soon in order to provide food for our isopods. What did your group discuss as you were trying to find the best possible location for your terrarium? We will continue to make observations and water our terrariums throughout the week as we start to see plant growth.