The Kindergarten Students wrote sentences and explained what makes them special.

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Shape Attributes with Marshmallows

Our Kindergarten class built 2D and 3D shapes with marshmallows! They identified characteristics of flat and solid shapes. Take a look at their creations!

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Welcome Back! Kindergarten 2014-2015

DSC00761 DSC00762 DSC00763 DSC00764 DSC00765 DSC00779 DSC00780 DSC00781 DSC00782 DSC00783 DSC00784 DSC00785

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Grandpa Toad’s Secrets

Check out what we did in library!  First, we read the book, Grandpa Toad’s Secrets, by Keiko Kasza.  Then we retold the events in the story, using pictures taken with the I-pad.  We also used a new learning application called, Educreations, which allowed us to add voice recording.  To view, just click on the following link!

Grandpa Toad’s Secrets- Narrated by Mrs. Schutz A.M. Kindergarten


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I like to eat…

Here are all the yummy foods we like to eat on Thanksgiving!

What do you like to eat for Thanksgiving?

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Zippy Blog

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Math Number Stories

In math, we have been working on creating our own number stories.  The students published their stories using the ipads. Click here to view individual student math stories.

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Number Stories

The children told number stories using Show Me on the ipads. Here is one example of a number story.  To see your child’s story click here.

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Kindergarten Communities

We have been learning about communities through our Social Studies curriculum.  Children worked together in groups to create 3D communities.  Here are some videos of the students explaining the parts of the community.

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