District 30 Welcome

Mr. Chuck Gitles, our Board of Education President, welcomed back our staff on Monday, August 24, 2015. Several other board members, PTO leaders and parents were on hand to kick off the year.

Mr. Gitles shared his appreciation for all of the hard work that has been undertaken by our District 30 Family over the past several years, and emphasized that our changes have been good ones. He shared our Board’s great confidence in our staff and in our students as he reflected on how many members of our Board of Education intentionally moved to District 30 for the consistently strong education provided to our kids. He ended by warmly wishing all in District 30 a tremendous year.

I was also honored to welcome our staff. I shared all that I continue to learn about this wonderful district, and highlighted a few powerful stories from my son Rob’s District 30 classmates who recently graduated from many respective colleges. These talented District 30 graduates are now:

  • Finishing Fulbright scholarships,
  • Entering their teaching careers (like my son Rob),
  • Becoming Software Engineers,
  • Entering business careers, and
  • So much more.

As a District 30 parent myself, I know I join many of our district parents in gratitude for the path our students now travel. District 30 keeps one foot in the present and one foot in the future!

I also shared my focus for the year, which will be to:

  • Strengthen our high-functioning District 30 teams;
  • Renew our Strategic Plan; and to
  • Continue connecting with all aspects of District 30.

On that note, over the summer, I was also fortunate to meet with nearly 130 District 30 Staff Members and the PTO Leaders from Maple, Wescott and Willowbrook.


From these meetings and from my leadership team’s reflections, several strong themes emerged that capture our culture. These include that:

  • At every level, District 30 does what is right for all students;
  • District 30 is driven by a growth mindset: staff crave improvement, are supported with outstanding professional development and strong resources, and focus on intellectual, social-emotional, and physical growth of or students; and
  • District 30 is truly a family.

A theme that also emerged was the need to analyze our facilities to maximize the support they provide programs, learning agility and flexibility, and innovation.

I look forward to continuing to connect with District 30 as I learn how to best serve our tremendous students, staff and families. You can read more on District 30’s News Section and see pictures at our Facebook Site!

All preparations are in place and we are ready for a wonderful year!

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