Skills & Investment

Make no mistake, the primary and middle school years arm our students with skills and habits of mind that place them on a trajectory that will carry them through high school, college and into a career. This is exactly why we work to fulfill the educational needs of all children while recognizing the individuality of each child.

The reality is that today, the skills and habits of mind needed include the hard skills like reading, writing, mathematics, problem solving, and critical thinking. They also include agility in learning as applied to rapidly evolving tools like technology, and the skills of collaboration, communication, and creativity.

I had the pleasure of visiting classes at Willowbrook on Wednesday, October 28th. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing reading and writing workshop in action in first, third, and fifth grade. I also participated in our kindergarten specials that integrate music learning with movement in amazing ways.


These powerful collaboration efforts were also evident in the evening’s Fifth Grade Musical led by music teacher Mr. Barker, physical education teacher Mr. Goss, and art teacher Ms. Sendaydiego. This entire production was put together by our students. What a wonderful example of our students applying and developing their creativity! I applaud the efforts and accomplishments of our staff and students.


The closer one gets to the learning occurring across our district, the clearer it is that we are on the right track. It is what our kids do that matters, guided by skilled adults who are clear on their objectives. Our students are being asked to read and write about fiction and non-fiction, are being challenged to explain their thinking, and to creatively utilize technology. I continue to be inspired to see the learning progression across our grades, to see firsthand the skills being developed, and the thinking being realized. At every turn, our students amaze me!

Collaboration, communication, and creativity were also alive and well in the many Halloween activities across our district on Friday, October 30th. We held parades, haunted houses, and the Monster Mash at Wescott.



Older students helped younger students with games at Wescott; Maple students designed and ran an amazing haunted house; and the parades and classroom parties held by our staff and parents were engaging. Our children benefit from the comprehensive educational experience in District 30 that is accomplished through a strong partnership between our talented educators and our invested parents.

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