District 30 Referendum Update

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Community Members:

Following a comprehensive facilities study and months of planning and community input, the District 30 Board of Education unanimously supported the 34-member Citizens’ Task Force recommendation to pursue:

  • Construction of a new middle school (grades 6 through 8) to replace the existing 67-year-old Maple School on District 30 land adjacent to the current Maple School ($40.6 million)
  • Health/Life Safety upgrades to Wescott (WS) School, including code-required, fire-rated separations, door and hardware replacement, West Wing window replacement, exterior perimeter sealant replacement, new temperature control system, and rooftop unit replacement ($369,600)
  • Health/Life Safety upgrades to Willowbrook (WB) School, including door and hardware replacement, roof repair and replacement, ceiling tile replacement, new temperature control system, and rooftop unit replacement ($508,480)

Prior to Board approval of the above $41.5 million recommendation, the Citizens’ Task Force obtained community feedback, and in response, the proposal was downsized. In fact, the task force removed $7 million from the project by eliminating the District Office and capacity work at Wescott and Willowbrook Schools. In addition, District 30 (which is debt free) remains committed to allocating $5.2 million from existing reserves. Therefore, our community has a $36.3 million facility bond referendum question to consider during the Consolidated Election on April 4, 2017.

At this point, we have conducted 12 tours at Maple School. I have appreciated the thoughtful questions I have received as our community has invested time in becoming informed. For your information, I am including Frequently Asked Questions that have been asked during our tours.

  • What are important impacts on our community and students if the referendum is or is not approved?

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  • Will the facility bond referendum create a permanent tax increase?

No. A facility bond referendum continues for a maximum of 20 years.

  • If the community approves the facility bond referendum, can construction costs allow the district to issue more than $36.3 million in bonds?

No. If the community approves the $36.3 million facility bond referendum, the district can issue a maximum of $36.3 million in facility bonds.

  • If the community approves the $36.3 million in facility bonds, will the additional taxes generated by these bonds increase through the 20-years of the bond?

No. District 30 plans on structuring constant bond payments for the twenty years.

  • Would classes continue at the existing Maple School while a new Maple School is constructed?

Yes. If the proposed new school is approved, an isolated construction area west of the current Maple School would allow District 30 to continue classes during the school year and during summer school.

  • Has District 30 recently invested in the maintenance needs of our elementary buildings?

Yes. In the past three years, District 30 has spent $4.1 million on facilities with a focus on our elementary buildings.

Please remain informed. There are more Frequently Asked Questions and an online tour of Maple at http://www.d30facilities.org. You are also welcome to join us at upcoming tour dates at Maple School.

Remaining Maple Tour Dates
  • March 4, 2017 – 10:00 a.m.
  • March 18, 2017 – 1:00 p.m.

If you have questions regarding District 30’s facility improvement proposal, please contact me at your convenience.


Dr. Brian Wegley
Superintendent of Schools


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