Inspired by a Glimpse Into Our Children’s Minds

Last Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of attending Willowbrook’s 3rd & 4th Grade Musical with my wife, Kathy. As always, the investment and pride of our students, in the program they helped to create, were apparent.

WBMus0317Below are some of the poems authored by our students that served as the foundation for the musical. Enjoy the glimpse into the talents and minds of our students:


To come


Love is the world
It is important to have love
Love is to be loved
The word love is the healer of hate

Like they say
You can not fight hate with hate
You can only fight hate with Love!
Love is the name

Good and the Bad

There is good
There is bad
I want the good

There is nice
There is mean
I want the nice

There is Peace
There is War
I want the Peace

There is Friend
There is Enemy
I want the Friend

I want the world to be
How I imagine
The Good
The Nice
The Friend
The Peace

Hope of Peace

I hope of someone calming down the hatred lashing out and whipping others.
I hope of love flowing out and embracing everyone.
It silences the corrupt swarm of power and greed.

I imagine everyone hand in hand swallowing up all the hatred, and replacing it with the soft and warm happiness.
The hard and piercing hatred is always overpowered by love and happiness.
The dream of peace the constant peace.
It overcomes negativity.
Let peace roam free.


If you look closely, you can see the better, not the bad
The better is the peace, and the peace is all you need

Just the opposite of war, and war is the bad
And the bad you don’t want
For the rest of your life, the peace is like the wind

Swirling in the air
Up and down
Up and down

Side to side
Side to side


I wish that everyone stays their self
Everyone has their own track to go on
Never listen to what others think of you

I wish

I wish for love
I wish for peace
I wish for doves

I wish for you

Then we come together
And we are
Friends just like you

I am proud to be a part of District 30 where we exemplify and deepen kindness, care, and inclusion. Thank you to our caring students and our staff for continuing to inspire us all!

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