New Maple Design Progressing

In the Fall of 2016, the District 30 Board of Education entered into an inclusive process that generated District 30’s Master Facility Plan. The process included input from all stakeholders:

  • Community Members
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Staff
  • Administration
  • Board of Education

Leadership for this process was provided by our Board, Administrative Team, a Steering Committee (board members, administrators, teachers, parents, and community members), and a 34-member Citizens’ Task Force (District 30 parents, local business and real-estate leaders, village representatives, community members, building principals, and a teacher from each building). The wealth of information generated in our Master Facility Planning process was utilized to create a preliminary design of a new Maple School.

On April 4, 2017, the community delivered District 30 a mandate to replace Maple School when 76% of the community voted yes for the facility bond referendum that grew out of this planning process. Once our community approved, the administrative team began utilizing the information generated for our Master Facility Planning process to finalize plans for a new Maple School. This important work continues to evolve with input from our teachers, students, administrative team, community members, architects, construction management firm, and consultants.

District 30 recently earned a Triple-A (AAA) Bond Rating with a Stable distinction from Standard and Poor’s. This strong rating is important because it provides us with an “exceptional degree of creditworthiness,” which will keep the rates on our bonds as low as possible.

Our goal remains to break ground on our current soccer field by April of 2018, to occupy a new Maple School in the Fall of 2019, and to allow current middle school and summer school programming to continue in the current Maple School during construction.

Our realization of a new Maple School will:

  • Eliminate the need for millions of dollars of maintenance for the current Maple School
  • Add two additional classrooms which will increase flexibility and capacity for future enrollment growth and additions
  • Create two drop-off lanes with significantly increased car-staging zones and safety
  • Create full-size science classrooms with fully-functional labs
  • Generate appropriately-sized music, art, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) rooms
  • Cluster grade-levels together with collaborative learning space
  • Locate student services (our nurse and psychologists) in a confidential area
  • Allow for public spaces (e.g. the music areas and gym space) to be isolated from the academic areas of the building
  • Create a “Cafetorium” that allows for after-school activities and performances without interference with physical education and after-school athletics
  • Introduce natural light to virtually every student space
  • Increase energy efficiency including the replacement of 37 rooftop heating and air-conditioning units with more efficient centralized systems

We invite the District 30 Community to keep up with the progress on our new Maple School through the website. This website includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the most recent design progress. Once construction begins, this site will include regular updates on progress.

Thank you again to our supportive community and to all of those giving their time freely to generate an outstanding plan for the new Maple School.


Dr. Brian K. Wegley

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