Thank You D225 for Land Swap & Maple Construction Support

Construction on the new Maple School campus will begin in March of 2018. Efforts will begin with the creation of a new Maple School that will include two drop-off areas which are significantly safer than Maple’s current traffic pattern.

In the 1970’s, the current Sherman Drive that runs between the GBN and Maple campuses was extended near GBN’s athletic entrance to Greenview Road. Sherman Drive cut through the corner of D30’s campus (shown in red) and D225’s land (shown in yellow), leaving a D30 triangle of land on GBN’s side of Sherman Road, and a D225 triangle of land on D30’s side.

The D225 and D30 Boards have approved a land swap resolution to officially incorporate these two triangles of land into their respective campuses. This action allows the creation of a Sherman Drive entrance for the new Maple School. 

D30’s designs of the new campus have evolved over the design phase of the project with input from many stakeholders. The traffic patterns have been informed and analyzed by our architects and traffic consultants and they have incorporated input from the Village of Northbrook Engineers, Fire Department, and Police Department. These safer traffic patterns have also been reviewed by the District 30 Board of Education, representatives from the D225 Board of Education, and our neighbors at Glenbrook North High School.

The current staging pattern and design at Maple School creates challenges, especially at the end of the day, which our traffic consultant depicts in the diagram below:

The new Maple campus design plans for two distinct entrances and exits. Bus traffic will occur without cars on the south drive behind Maple School. This design offers a significant improvement in the current condition. Improved end-of-the-day traffic is depicted by our traffic consultant in the diagram below:

Current designs also include a fence along Sherman Drive (on the north end of the campus) to guide foot traffic to the crosswalk.

On behalf of the entire District 30 Community, thank you to District 225’s Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Mike Riggle for supporting a land swap to assist with District 30’s plans for the new Maple School campus.


Dr. Brian K. Wegley

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