Neighbors Help D30 Construction Efforts & Bids Opened

Designs Finalized

District 30’s new Maple School designs were finalized in December.

Community Assistance Appreciated

We sincerely appreciate the help from Northbrook Bank & Trust Co., La Salceda Del Norte, District 225, and the Village of Northbrook, whose support will significantly assist District 30’s construction efforts.

Northbrook Bank & Trust Co.

The current District Office trailers will be vacated and torn down as construction begins. Northbrook Bank and Trust Co. offered District 30 office space to lease with the use of a kitchen, conference room, and restrooms (at no extra charge). They have generated a dramatically reduced price for space and have incorporated a modest monthly payment back to District 30 that we can utilize within each school’s benevolence funds that support students in need.

New Location – Same Address

The Board has supported our temporary location on the second floor of Northview Bank and Trust Co. building at 245 Waukegan Road, Northfield, IL 60093 beginning by March 2018. Although our physical address will change, the mailing address of the District Office will remain 2374 Shermer Road, Northbrook, IL.

La Salceda Del Norte

Thank you to La Salceda Del Norte for their partnership and support of our construction efforts. The creation of a new Maple School, while student attendance continues in the old Maple School, creates a unique challenge with limited space for required water detention. District 30 reached out to La Salceda Del Norte to request utilizing their retention pond that is adjacent to the area that will become the new Maple School. Our engineers determined that we could meet our detention needs by pumping the water level down 11”, and La Salceda Del Norte’s Board voted to support this partnership.

Thank you to La Salceda Del Norte’s Board and residents for their partnership. As a sign of our appreciation, we are working to replace the fence that runs between our two properties as a part of our construction effort.

District 225 & GBN

The District 30 Community also extends our gratitude to District 225 and GBN for their partnership in design and their help in realizing our goal of a new Maple School within our limited footprint. D225’s Board of Education approved a land swap with D30 that supports one of our entrances, and they are working with us to coordinate parking. We have also worked together on the design of traffic and walking student flow.

The Village of Northbrook

The Village of Northbrook has worked with us during design and supported three variances allowing for our northern parking lot within the setback along with a decorative 5’ fence along the northern part of our property and an 8’ decorative fence around the new soccer field.

Bids Opened

On Wednesday, January 24th, bids were opened.

The District 30 administrative team is now analyzing bids, and the District 30 Board of Education will consider approving bids at our February 8th meeting. Construction is expected to begin by the end of March, and our goal remains to occupy the new Maple School in the fall of 2019.

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