e-Learning & Inspiration in District 30

Dear District 30 Family,

As we complete this week, I want to take a moment and reflect on the pride I have in our students, staff, Board, and community. Together, we are creating a new, temporary normal. We have navigated many closures, started e-Learning, and are planning for the extended school closure that will continue until at least April 8. We are in this together and are so fortunate to live in our caring community, as we all accept our responsibility to slow the potential spread of COVID-19.

We also benefit from our communities working so closely together as our Glenview/Northbrook COVID-19 Task Force coordinates all of our response efforts, and continues to keep our information current. We met again on Wednesday, March 18, and the Coronavirus Response website is up-to-date. We encourage you all to review it.

e-Learning Begins

After a heroic undertaking by our staff to create a District 30 e-Learning program, and in an effort to generate normalcy for our students, supported e-Learning began on Tuesday, March 17. Thank you to our incredible teachers for working collaboratively to commence this adventure, as they manage their own personal lives and deliver e-Learning to their own children. I am also thankful for our Board’s support, our community’s trust, and our stellar students’ efforts. Thank you also to our parents and students for navigating this new, temporary normal successfully.

We are off to a great start and will integrate all that we learn, as we continue to navigate this challenge together. Check out this great video reviewing week one!

A few highlights:

We will all continue to learn a great deal together. We recognize the fact that parents and teachers are working from home as we work together to generate normalcy for our students by engaging in learning. Everyone’s situation is different. Please work with your teacher to navigate challenges as we will all continue to be flexible. We are trying to strike the same balance with our committed staff.

Inspiring Support

Our community’s incredible outreach of support and care reassures and inspires me. Our team has been contacted with offers of help from staff, parents, business leaders, and students. 

A business leader in our community reached out with the following email:

Sounds like it’s been a long day and evening for you. After tomorrow (or when you have a moment to catch your breath) please let me know if there are any hourly workers in our schools that would be challenged with the school being closed for an extra week. I can find funds to help them.

A former District 30 student emailed me to ask if he could provide any support to our students during this time. I inquired about what motivated him to reach out to me, and he shared,

Hello Dr. Wegley,

What inspired me to reach out to you was that I saw your email, along with another email from my Synagogue, and I thought that this might be a great time for me to get involved with my community and find a way to help out.

Our alum is looking for some useful articles or activities to share with our students.

Many of our caring citizens are seeking ways to provide support during this time. One organization that needs help so that it can serve others is the Northfield Township Food Pantry. They need both:

Again, I am honored to serve this community with all of the caring members of our District 30 Family.

Keep Updated

Please keep updated on our progress by remaining connected on our e-Learning Dashboard page that includes a continuously updated Parent School Closure & e-Learning FAQ.

Thank you all again! Know that we continue to be in this together, and let’s continue to make the best of this situation as we do our part.

Persevere Together

Throughout this awesome adventure of life, we will continue to face challenges. As with any issue, it is best when we confront it head-on, work through it with support, and find our way through the challenge with integrity and care. That is precisely how we are progressing, and we will find our way successfully to the other side. Thank you for your continued care and support!


Dr. Brian K. Wegley

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