Charlotte’s Lessons

Hello bloggers,

I enjoyed reading Charlotte’s Web in class. I am always amazed at how the relationship between Charlotte and Wilbur gets to me every time I read this book. When Wilbur talks to Charlotte’s children at the end of the book, he says, “…I was devoted to your mother….She was brilliant, beautiful, and loyal to the end…”

Their friendship is strong from the very start and I have some ideas on why it works so well. They have respect for each other and their differences. When they meet Wilbur is upset that Charlotte is bloodthirsty and eats flies. Once he gets to know the reasons behind her actions, he understands her better and accepts her. Charlotte puts her friend, Wilbur, before herself. Making Wilbur happy and safe becomes her most important goal. Charlotte is patient with her friend. She improves his vocabulary and adores him for his curiosity.

I read the last page of Charlotte’s Web and find myself thinking of how I can be a better friend to the people I care about. I want you to reflect on this a little bit. How are you a good friend? When you think about your friends, why are they so special to you?

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