You may have noticed the students coming inside on Monday mornings this year. We have added a new event called the Monday Meeting.  Our Monday Meetings are becoming a great way to start off the week with some positive words for students. Teachers recognize students for following the Wescott Way – be safe, be caring, and be here and ready. Teachers are also recognized by the colleagues for special things they do to help each other. In big and small ways students and teachers are helping make Wescott an even more wonderful place – it is really becoming something special.  We hope to open it up to parents soon so you can be a part as well.

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What a whirlwind the first few weeks of school are at Wescott – but it’s great to have the one big family back together!  Student and teachers are now into a groove and just a few pictures of the first few weeks…

Opening day selfies with our new class…

IMG_6129 2

We heard from student voices regarding the Wescott Way – Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Here and Ready…


Work begins on our master facility plan – who better to hear from than students from each grade level…



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What a fantastic day for the 16th Lew Blond Run!  As I “ran” the race I found many friends along the way – so glad our D30 community comes together every spring for a great cause!

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This is the time of year when parents and staff begin thinking about classroom placements for the coming school year.  This is a very delicate process, which takes into account many factors in an effort to create the best possible learning environment for each child.  This includes:

  • Gender balance
  • Student academic strengths/weaknesses
  • Student learning styles
  • Social dynamics
  • Identified special needs
  • Student/teacher match
  • Class size

The placement process is a team effort that is completed with great care and consideration.  Classroom teachers work with special area teachers to review student needs and dynamics.  The process requires significant time and collaboration.

You may want to share information about your child that may help us in this process.  Each year children grow and change, as do relationship dynamics, so information that you may have shared in the past is not referred to during this year’s process.  If you wish to provide input, it may include information related to your child’s learning style, social dynamics with other children, and/or academic strengths & weaknesses.

We ask that you do not request a specific teacher for your child.  Please do not make this request of your child’s current teacher.  Such requests cannot be honored, as this opportunity is not available to all children and the staffing may change between now and the beginning of next year.

This input should be put in writing to your building principal no later than Wednesday, April 6.  Information received after this date may not be considered.

We trust that you will rely on our professional judgment as we group the children with the idea of creating the best learning environment for everyone.  Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

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To usher in spring doors have been decorated at Wescott – see the final projects here! Thank you to all participants and our Events Committee for organizing!

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Over the next few weeks in partnership with the Village of
Northbrook installation of a stormwater facility underneath Wescott
Park will begin. This project will alleviate flooding issues of our
neighbors around Wescott School and make improvements to the
north baseball field. Initial site preparation work may begin as early
as February 21 and lane closures on Farnsworth will begin around the first week in

We have met with the village multiple times this year to discuss the impact on Wescott
and we all have a priority for student safety throughout this project. More information
regarding the project can be found at the project website:

This site will be continually updated by the Village of Northbrook to provide all of us
with the latest information regarding this project.

Our staff and I have been working on ensuring that events such as Field Day,
Promotion Ceremony, 5th Grade Party, and daily recess will all continue to happen
outside as we prefer. The project will leave us with the portion of the field we typically
use for recess during the day and we can use it for the events listed above as well. We
also may use the fields to the south of Wescott if necessary to hold some events
which we have done in the past.

School related traffic for drop off and pickup times at Wescott will be facilitated
by our partners in the Village of Northbrook. They have guaranteed that no truck traffic
will be allowed during our drop off and pickup times. In addition, at times when traffic
patterns change (e.g. the temporary closure of Farnsworth) they have worked with
our Northbrook Police Department to assist with routing traffic during drop off and
pickup times. Of course we will all need to be patient during these times.
We will continue to assist the Village of Northbrook to update our families as the
project progresses. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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I get asked often by students, “Mr. Brown, what do you do here when we aren’t here?” They are referring to winter break, summer break, spring break, etc. It certainly is quieter here but one thing I do is go through my “Stuff to Learn” list.

Over a few months, I compose a list of all of things I want to learn about, but during the school days don’t have the necessary time spend.  I worked through such a list last week and one thing I watched was this video. Her comments around 13 and 14 minutes in about constant connection, the quote “I share therefore I am” and moving from connection to isolation are especially interesting.  Of course, I think about this with your children and my own at home and the environment they are growing up in.

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Congratulations to all involved in last week’s book fair at Wescott!  There is no doubt that Wescott is a community of readers and you could feel that excitement each day of our fair. Certainly a little ice cream helps even as we are entering Winter.

As we head into this holiday season, don’t forget that other children may not have books accessible to them and depend on charity to help build there own community of readers.  A great list of charitable options can be found at Shanahan on Literacy. Take a look and see how through reading we could continue to make a difference in the world.


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On Wednesday, I was happy to be the mystery reader for Mrs. Williams class. My five clues that stumped them were:

1. Has two older brothers
2. An excellent cook – according to Mrs. Brown
3. Drum major of his high school marching band
4. Has a big, hairy golden retriever named Toby
5. Has a daughter(Anya) and a son (Aidan)

I read My Pet Book which is a story about a boy who refuses the typical dog or cat as a pet but chooses a book instead.

I hope the kids had a much fun as I did!

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This morning we had our second Second Cup of Coffee this year at Wescott.  A great turnout of about twenty parents involved in rich discussion regarding our school improvement initiatives and proposed water retention facility in Wescott Park.

We started with a full group discussion centered around the school goals for Wescott this year and how they connect with the pillars of District 30. Secondly, we discussed the proposed Wescott Park Water retention project and our preparations for how it will impact Wescott School, especially in the area of afternoon pickup. Lastly, two small group discussions pictured below that brought some of our school leadership together with our parents to share some activities happening in the two grade level areas.

Thank you to all of the parents, Mrs. Eilhauer, Mrs. Magruder, and Dr. Wegley for joining me today in our discussion. I very much look forward to our next Second Cup of Coffee – watch for the date in the Wescott Word and I hope to see you there!

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