This morning we had our second Second Cup of Coffee this year at Wescott.  A great turnout of about twenty parents involved in rich discussion regarding our school improvement initiatives and proposed water retention facility in Wescott Park.

We started with a full group discussion centered around the school goals for Wescott this year and how they connect with the pillars of District 30. Secondly, we discussed the proposed Wescott Park Water retention project and our preparations for how it will impact Wescott School, especially in the area of afternoon pickup. Lastly, two small group discussions pictured below that brought some of our school leadership together with our parents to share some activities happening in the two grade level areas.

Thank you to all of the parents, Mrs. Eilhauer, Mrs. Magruder, and Dr. Wegley for joining me today in our discussion. I very much look forward to our next Second Cup of Coffee – watch for the date in the Wescott Word and I hope to see you there!

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