Over the next few weeks in partnership with the Village of
Northbrook installation of a stormwater facility underneath Wescott
Park will begin. This project will alleviate flooding issues of our
neighbors around Wescott School and make improvements to the
north baseball field. Initial site preparation work may begin as early
as February 21 and lane closures on Farnsworth will begin around the first week in

We have met with the village multiple times this year to discuss the impact on Wescott
and we all have a priority for student safety throughout this project. More information
regarding the project can be found at the project website:

This site will be continually updated by the Village of Northbrook to provide all of us
with the latest information regarding this project.

Our staff and I have been working on ensuring that events such as Field Day,
Promotion Ceremony, 5th Grade Party, and daily recess will all continue to happen
outside as we prefer. The project will leave us with the portion of the field we typically
use for recess during the day and we can use it for the events listed above as well. We
also may use the fields to the south of Wescott if necessary to hold some events
which we have done in the past.

School related traffic for drop off and pickup times at Wescott will be facilitated
by our partners in the Village of Northbrook. They have guaranteed that no truck traffic
will be allowed during our drop off and pickup times. In addition, at times when traffic
patterns change (e.g. the temporary closure of Farnsworth) they have worked with
our Northbrook Police Department to assist with routing traffic during drop off and
pickup times. Of course we will all need to be patient during these times.
We will continue to assist the Village of Northbrook to update our families as the
project progresses. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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