Skype Session with Greece & Pennsylvania

Today we had the opportunity to join three classrooms together all without leaving our school. We visited with students from Pennsylvania as well as from Athens, Greece. We played a quick game of “Mystery Skype” and the kids had so much fun meeting new friends across the globe. After we played our Mystery Skype game we learned some new words in Greek as well as taught them some new words in English. It was such a fun-filled morning today. Thank you to Ms. Stevens for allowing us to take some of her art class to skype with our new friends across the globe. Below are some pictures from this event as well as our Skype map so far this year.

First Skype Session of the Year

Today was our first mystery skype session of the year! It was filled with excitement and engagement! The students were on the edge of their seats asking “yes and no” questions to another teacher from South Africa. The students had no idea where Mr. Sherman was from. At first, the students were going off of his accent. Asking questions such as, “Are you from England?” “Are you from Australia?” The answer to each one of these questions was no. All of a sudden, a few students started asking questions about hemispheres! (Kudos to their previous teachers that taught them these) After the kids knew that he wasn’t in the Northern Hemisphere one student asked, “Are you in South Africa?” It was a very quick game. I was amazed by the geographic knowledge that these students displayed.

 Attached are some pictures from today’s fun!


Happy Thanksgiving

As we move into the Thanksgiving Holiday I would like to wish everyone a safe and healthy Thanksgiving. Please take some time to watch this video and reflect as a family on what you see. This is a powerful example of how we, as humans, need to come together as one. Peace to all! #EatTogether


TED TALK Homework for October 13, 2017

The Invention That Made Peace with Lions



Please watch the video below and then comment on how this video made you feel? What thoughts and ideas came to your mind while watching. Make sure to edit and read over your post before making it public and submitting it. Feel free to comment on other classmates posts as well. Have a great weekend. GO CUBS!