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Favorite Apps so far?


What is your favorite App?

Tonight I would like you to reflect on the year so far? Think about all the different apps that we have used. Which app is your favorite so far? Let’s have a conversation about our favorite apps? Why are they your favorite? Are they easy to use? Please write as much as you can.

Student Books

We recently studied the elements of fiction and non-fiction. We read a very interesting book called White Owl:Barn Owl.   By Nicola Davies, Illustrated by:  Michael Foreman

After reading the story the students were assigned the task of recreating their own version of the mentor text. Their story had to include both elements of fiction and non-fiction. The students did a fantastic job! Below is what they came up with.

Click on the students name to access their book

Ariela’s Book

Ben’s Book

Jason’s Book

Josh’s Book

Rishi’s Book

Sammy’s Book

Tyler’s Book

Zoe’s Book



What is your Wonder?

Please write about a few wonders you have. Why are these wonders of yours? Then, check back a bit later to see other classmates wonders. Comment on at least two other students. Start a conversation with them about their wonders. Remember, be respectful and edit your writing before posting. Have a great evening.

Mr. K

Homework for Thursday 9-3-15

Please watch this amazing video and comment on it. What are your thoughts?


Please write at least 4 sentences in your blog post response. I expect your response to be well thought out and well written. Try your very best in writing your thoughts on this TED talk. Have a great evening.

Mr. K