Handling Peer Pressure


Peer Pressure

Please write a “Tips for managing peer pressure” writing tonight. The directions for doing this are as follows.

  1. Open a new document in Google Docs.
  2. Click on “Share”
  3. Turn on lInk sharing
  4. Write your list of tips
  5. Click on Share & Export
  6. “copy link to clipboard”
  7. Paste Link into our District 30 Classroom Blog for all to read and see.

Good Luck trying this.

“The Present”

The Present

Directions: Watch this powerful video tonight and make a post reflecting on how this video impacted you. Don’t forget to try your best. Feel free to comment on your classmates posts as well. Have a great night everyone.


Life = Risk

Life = Risk

Tonight I would like you to watch this short video and respond about the following question.

Why is it important to fail?

Post the answer to this question here on the blog and then read and comment on what others write as well. Have a great evening.

Mr. K

Advertisements….What makes them powerful?

Please watch the videos below to get a sense of what makes Coca-Cola so powerful with their advertisements? After watching the videos take a moment to make a comment about what you saw that makes these ads so powerful? Be thoughtful with your responses.




Please post a comment about what you think regarding these advertisements?