Monday, September 14th, 2015...1:14 pm

Lima Bean Discovery

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In Science this past week, 3rd graders were introduced to our unit on plants with an up-close look at lima beans. Students were asked to predict, observe, and record their findings during a 2-day experiment. On day 1, we observed the characteristics of a dry lima bean. Students then made predictions as to what might happen to our lima beans after being soaked overnight in water. On day 2, the kids dissected their saturated seeds, only to discover the important internal parts: the embryo, leaves, and cotyledon. We discussed the role and function of these parts as the students recorded their findings. We are excited to get started planting our Wisconsin Fast Plants this week!

3rd Grade Scientists: What did you think of our lima bean experiment? What do you think we will need in order to make our Fast Plants grow? Add your comments!

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