Chapters 34-43

By: Samantha and James

Rebecca wants to save John Amik, so she dresses up as a boy to go cut the hanging rope on the gallows, just enough to make it unnoticeable, and hopefully save John Amik. As John Amik is getting ready to be hanged, Rebecca takes revenge on Pa by ripping up his crops. Right before John Amik is to be hanged, the storm comes in. The Thunder Beings came on his side, and making a scary, tearing apart storm, that allows John Amik to go MIA. Five months later, Reverand Doan brings news from John Amik for Rebecca and Laura for “Bird Eyes” and “Tall Girl” to tell them that he is living, back safe with his family. And all is right in the world. Pa is gone, fighting with George in the Revolutionary War. Now peace can finally start.

-Samantha and James

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