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Poetry is fun!

Ben really enjoyed a poem yesterday… so much that he memorized it!  Click below to enjoy Ben’s poem too… Ben’s memorized poem

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Another H-Brother…

Today we met Theo- another H-brother!  Check out the list we created just from our own reading and writing today!  Can you add any other th- words to our list?  

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The 1st 2 H-brothers…

What other words can you find to add to our lists from today?

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Meet Ella…

Meet Ella, our Star Student today!  Do you remember what Ella’s favorite color is?  How about her favorite animal?  Ella wants to be lots of things when she grows up… maybe an artist, a nurse, or a doctor!  What else … Continue reading

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Meet Emma…

Meet Emma!  Emma was our “Star Student” today.  We learned so many neat facts about our friend, Emma!  What a cool girl!  Did you know that she has a twin sister?!  What else did you learn about Emma today?

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Silly Reindeer!

Look at what happened to these silly reindeer!

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December Fun!

I absolutely love the festive holiday lights that the artists created with Ms. Sendaydiego!  Beautiful!  Ask your child what he or she used to create this piece of art…

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