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Turkey Time!

Click below to enjoy some pretty cute turkeys!  (Thanks to Mrs. Rich for putting this together for us!)

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Meet Our 1st Grade Friends

Meet our 1st grade friends!  What an awesome bunch of kids!

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Buddy Benches

Click below to enjoy our class video about our brand new BUDDY BENCHES at Willowbrook School!  Our class wrote a mini grant proposal for 2 Buddy Benches for our playground.  Find out what it’s all about!  These kids are pretty … Continue reading

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1st Grade “Reviews”

Click to hear our “reviews” of some of our favorites… restaurants, vacations, games, movies, songs, and more! Sophia- “Café La Cave” Ava- “Costa Rica” Ethan- “McDonald’s” Ike- “Japan” Jacob G- “Frozen” Jaymin-  “Wii Mario … Continue reading

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Flat Friends

The REAL friends are back from Spring Break and now we are anxiously awaiting the return of our FLAT friends… What kind of adventures do you think they are having?  

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On Friday we tried QUINOA.  The reactions were overwhelmingly positive!  Many friends had already tried quinoa and looked forward to the tasting.  Others were a little nervous, but I am happy to report that ALL friends who were present decided … Continue reading

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Our seeds

Our seeds are growing… and growing… AND GROWING into plants!  They will be heading home soon!  How will you take care of your plant at home?

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Groundhog’s Day

After a bit of discussion about Groundhog’s Day, I asked our 1st graders if they knew what it meant when the groundhog saw his shadow.  My favorite response was, “10 MORE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!” I love 1st grade, don’t you?

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Starfruit Reactions…

This past Friday, we tasted STARFRUIT!  Here are some of our reactions… “It tasted kind of sour.” “It tastes like a sour plum.” “I don’t like it.” “When you bite it, it’s kind of crunchy like an apple.” “It was … Continue reading

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Jicama Reactions…

On Friday we tasted JICAMA!  Here are some of our reactions: Ava: “It was really good.  I’ve tried it a couple of times.” Mia: “I would rather eat it with some kind of sauce.” Jaymin: “It was delicious!” Ike: “It … Continue reading

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