Welcome Back!

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Welcome back 2nd graders!  I look forward to a great year of learning and fun with you!

The Stories Julian Tells

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We are reading the book “The Stories Julian Tells”.  In the chapter we just read titled “My Very Strange Teeth” Julian was eager to get his strange, loose tooth out of his mouth.  His dad suggested different ways that Julian did not like.  His mom even tried to convince him that his teeth weren’t strange.  They made him special.  Eventually, however, his tooth came out by biting into an apple!

Have you ever lost a tooth in a special or funny way?  How would you suggest Julian pulled his loose tooth out?

Julian’s teeth made him special and different than anyone else in his class.  What makes you special and different from everyone else?

Many Moons

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We just finished reading the book “Many Moons”.  It told the story of Princess Lenore  and how the only thing that would make her feel better was to have the moon!  We read about many characters that had different ideas about the moon.

What are your thoughts about the moon?  How far away is the moon from Earth?  What is it made of?  How big is it?  How would you keep someone from seeing the moon (like in the book)?  Share your thoughts and ideas.

Science Fun!

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Over the past few weeks we have conducted many fun science experiments!  We put a liquid in the freezer to observe the changes.  We left a covered and uncovered petri dish sitting out overnight to see what happened to the water levels in each.  We mixed solids with solids (gravel and salt).  Lastly, we mixed various solids (salt, gravel, and tissue) in a liquid and observed how each changed in the water.  What was your favorite experiment in this unit and why?  What was one thing you learned?

Read Aloud Book Chat

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Last week, we read two books: “Fred Stays with Me!” and “Leonardo the Terrible Monster”.  Both books dealt with the theme of friendship. There are many connections between the two books.

What are the similarities between the two stories and what are the differences?  How do you connect to these stories?  Can you connect any other texts to these stories?

San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

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We just finished learning about the history of San Francisco.  One of the big events we talked about was the earthquake in 1906.  It was a very sad and hard time for the city.

Pretend you were a boy or girl growing up when the earthquake happened.  What kinds of things would you see and hear?  How would you feel?  Explain your thoughts!


Winter Break

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I hope everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable break.  It looks like we finally got some snow to make it look and feel like winter.  What has everyone been doing on their break?  I can’t wait to see all of you Monday for our first day of school in 2016.  Happy New Year!

Our First Blog of 2nd Grade!

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Yay!  This is our first blog of 2nd grade!  What has been your favorite part of this school year so far?  What are you looking forward to the rest of this school year?

Advice to Future 2nd Graders!

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It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is next week!  We talked a lot this week about all the fun activities we did this year (Shedd Aquarium, The Grove, Covenant Village, 2nd Grade Show, holiday parties, etc).  Even though we had fun, you all worked hard to make sure it was a successful year for you!


What advice would you give the first graders coming into second grade next year?  What should they know so they have a successful year like you did?


To “Bee” or Not to “Bee”

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Over the last couple weeks we have been reading three books about bees:

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In your opinion, are bees a good insect or a bad insect?  Give you opinion and support it with reasons and examples!