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Storyteller Donna Washington

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On Monday we had the pleasure of having Donna Washington, a storyteller, visit Wescott School.  We heard her retell two stories.  One story was titled, “Sody Saluradus”.  It was the story of a family who loved their biscuits every morning and how one little animal helped save the day!  The second story was “Epaminandas”.  It was a story of a boy who seemed to do nothing right, but learned no matter how often he made a mistake his mother would always love him.

What did you think of these stories?  Which was your favorite?  What was your favorite part of listening to the storyteller?  What did you learn while listening to her retell the two stories?  Let us know your thoughts!

Acts of Kindness

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Next week is Character Counts week at Wescott.  We will be bringing in canned goods and other supplies to donate to a local food pantry.  This is such a nice way to show kindness to others.

In honor of our school theme, “Kindness – Catch It, Spread It!” and Character Counts week, tell us how you are kind to others.  What are some acts of kindness you have shown to someone?  Or is there something kind someone has done for you?