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Same, Same but Different

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same same but different
Last week in Library Ms. Lenger read the story Same, Same but Different.  It was about Pen pals Elliott and Kailash discovering that even though they live in different countries–America and India–they both love to climb trees, own pets, and ride school buses.
Would you like to have a pen pal from another country? If so, what country? What would you tell him or her about you and your country?  What would you like to know about where they are from?


Number Corner

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We are coming to the end of December and the end of our second month of Number Corner.  What types of activities have we done?  Which has been your favorite?   Have you learned anything new?  Share your thoughts!


I Wanna New Room

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I wanna new room
Yesterday in Library, Ms Lenger read the following book:
Title:  I Wanna New Room
Author:  Karen Kaufman Orloff
Illustrator:  David Catrow
Here is a short summary of the story she read to you yesterday:
Alex is a young child who now shares a room with his younger brother because they just got a new baby sister. He writes letters to his father asking for his own room because he does not like rooming with his brother, and finds him annoying. However, his dad keeps writing back to say no. His dad finally says he can have his own space for just himself, so they build a tree house. He happily plays in it by himself, but soon becomes lonely and asks his brother to join him (from
Have you ever asked your parents for something they wouldn’t give you? What happened?
Alex and his father wrote letters back and forth. What would you write to a parent or teacher about something you always wanted. What would you say to persuade them to let you have it?
Share your thoughts!