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What’s On Your Mind???

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Since I didn’t have a topic in mind and so many of you had such great suggestions I thought I would let you write about whatever you want today!  What is your favorite sports team?  Who should win the Super Bowl?  What is your favoirte food?  Tell me about your best friend.  The choice is yours!  Write whatever is on your mind today!

One Cool Friend

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During our Library time the last two weeks, Ms. Lenger has been reading and working with you on the story One Cool Friend.

In the story, Elliot brought home a penguin from the aquarium. If you could bring one animal back from the zoo or aquarium, what animal would you bring? Why? What would you do with it? Where would you keep it? What would you need to learn about the animal to take care of it?

Enchanting Tales and Rhythms of India

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We saw a wonderful assembly this morning titled “Enchanting Tales and Rhythms of India”.  We saw many dances from members of Kalapriya that explained the ancient art of East Indian Dance called Bharata Natyam.  What was your favorite part of the performance?  What did you find most interesting?  Did you learn anything?

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How Did One Community Change?

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We just finished up our unit on San Francisco and how that community changed over time.  Through various images and looking at a timeline we saw how San Francisco started out as a rural community and ended up a big, urban city.

What were some of the reasons San Francisco changed over time?  What are some of the differences between San Francisco in 1846 and in 2000?  What were some of the facts you learned in this unit?  What did you find most interesting?  Share your thoughts and ideas.



Fun in the Snow!

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Winter has arrived!  Can you believe all the snow we have had!!!  What is your favorite thing to do in the snow and why?  Do you like building snowmen, making snow angels, sledding, or skiing or is there something else you enjoy doing in the snow?  And if you don’t like snow tell us why!


Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Winter Break.  Can you believe all the snow we have gotten!  What has everyone been doing over break? Have you gone on any trips, played in the snow, or done any other fun things?

I hope everyone enjoys the last few days of break and I can’t wait to see all of you on Monday!