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Today we started learning about Geography.  We learned what geography is.  We also learned what an atlas is and how to use it.  We also discovered we have been talking about Geography all month long during Number Corner!.

What is something you learned today?  What was the most interesting thing you discovered during today’s lesson?  What did you like about the atlases we used?  Share your ideas!


Science Fun!

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We have been talking a lot about Balance and Motion in Science.  We made mobiles, tops, and zoomers.  What have you learned?  What has been your favorite experiment so far?

DSC00245 DSC00250  DSC00275DSC00279


2nd Grade…So Far!

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It’s hard to believe, but we have been in school now for over 100 days!

What has been your favorite part of second grade so far? What are your favorite things we have learned?  Is there anything we haven’t learned yet that you are hoping to learn?  Share your thoughts!


Winter Games

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The 3rd graders performed a great show on Thursday titled “Winter Games”.  This show was put on for us in celebration of the Olympic Winter games that will take place in Sochi, Russia beginning this weekend.  What was your favorite part of the show?  Are you looking forward to the Winter Olympics?  What sport are you looking forward to seeing on television?