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Dede Sampaio

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Yesterday you had a wonderful assembly put on by Brazilian percussionist Dede Sampaio called “Sounds of Brazil”.  What was your favorite part of the assembly?  What did you learn?

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Officer Buckle and Gloria

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We just finished reading the story “Officer Buckle and Gloria” by Peggy Rathmann.  It was a fantasy story that teaches us a lesson on teamwork and friendship.  What was your favorite part of the story?  What lesson did you learn from reading this story?  Share your thoughts!

Lighted Schoolhouse

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It was so nice seeing so many of you along with your parents and other family members at Lighted Schoolhouse last night!  You did a great job showing your families around the classroom and school and sharing what you have been working on.  What was your favorite part of Lighted Schoolhouse?  Did your family have a particular part they liked the best?

Spring Break

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Welcome back from spring break!

I spent my spring break just staying home and relaxing.  I was happy to sleep in, cuddle up with my cat, and watch some movies and television.  I also got to attend my cousin’s wedding.  I wish the weather was a bit nicer, but I enjoyed the week anyway.

How was your spring break?  What did you do?  Tell us all about the fun and exciting things you did!