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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!  This has been one of my favorite holidays ever since I was your age.  I loved dressing up, going trick or treating, and carving jack-o-lanterns!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?  What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

Our Reading Buddies!

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Last week we had our first meeting with our friends from Mrs. Eilhaur’s class.  We got to know a little bit about our new friends in 4th grade.  Who is your reading buddy?  What was one interesting thing you learned about them?

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Ben and Me!

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Last Friday was so exciting!  Face to Face Productions came to Wescott School to perform their original musical play, Ben and Me.  Based on the well-known children’s novel by Robert Lawson, Ben and Me tells the story of Ben Franklin and his friendship with a fictional church mouse named Amos.

During Fridays performance, we watched Ben and Amos work together on inventions such as the Franklin stove, the development of literary maxims such as “the pen is mightier than the sword”, scientific experiments including Ben‘s famous kite and the conductivity of electricity, and finally the composition of the Declaration of Independence.

Tell us about what you learned!  What was your favorite part?  Did you have a favorite song?







Fall is Here!

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October is here and so is Fall!  Fall is my favorite season.  I love seeing the leaves change on the trees!

In number corner we talked about pinnate and palmate leaves.  Do you remember the differences?

Are you happy it is Fall?  What is your favorite part about Fall?  Do you miss Summer?  What is your favorite season and why?

Shadow Fun!

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In science we have been studying astronomy.  We also went outside and had some fun with our shadows.  We traced them in the morning and went out again in the afternoon.

How did your shadow change?  What did you learn from this activity?  What was your favorite part?