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Show Some Respect!

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We had a wonderful assembly put on for us this morning by Imagination Theater.  It was titled, “Show Some Respect!”.  We watched the performers act out different scenes, but not always act respectfully!  The audience even had the chance to help out the performers to make their scenes more respectful.

What was your favorite part of the assembly?  What was one thing you learned that would be useful to remember at home or school?






Winter is Here!

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Winter is finally here!  Just in time for us to come back to school after winter break, too!  We had only been back to school for two days and we ended up having a couple days off because of the cold temperatures!  What have you been doing the last two days to stay busy?

I know it is too cold to be playing outside today, but what is your favorite thing about winter?  Do you like to play outside in the snow?  Do you like to go ice skating?  Maybe you are like me and just like to stay inside a nice warm house drinking hot chocolate!  Stay warm 2A!