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Science Fun!

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Over the past few weeks we have conducted many fun science experiments!  We put a liquid in the freezer to observe the changes.  We left a covered and uncovered petri dish sitting out overnight to see what happened to the water levels in each.  We mixed solids with solids (gravel and salt).  Lastly, we mixed various solids (salt, gravel, and tissue) in a liquid and observed how each changed in the water.  What was your favorite experiment in this unit and why?  What was one thing you learned?

Read Aloud Book Chat

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Last week, we read two books: “Fred Stays with Me!” and “Leonardo the Terrible Monster”.  Both books dealt with the theme of friendship. There are many connections between the two books.

What are the similarities between the two stories and what are the differences?  How do you connect to these stories?  Can you connect any other texts to these stories?