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Our First Blog of 2nd Grade!

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Yay!  This is our first blog of 2nd grade!  What has been your favorite part of this school year so far?  What are you looking forward to the rest of this school year?

Show Some Respect!

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We had a wonderful assembly put on for us this morning by Imagination Theater.  It was titled, “Show Some Respect!”.  We watched the performers act out different scenes, but not always act respectfully!  The audience even had the chance to help out the performers to make their scenes more respectful.

What was your favorite part of the assembly?  What was one thing you learned that would be useful to remember at home or school?






Our Reading Buddies!

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Last week we had our first meeting with our friends from Mrs. Eilhaur’s class.  We got to know a little bit about our new friends in 4th grade.  Who is your reading buddy?  What was one interesting thing you learned about them?

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Ben and Me!

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Last Friday was so exciting!  Face to Face Productions came to Wescott School to perform their original musical play, Ben and Me.  Based on the well-known children’s novel by Robert Lawson, Ben and Me tells the story of Ben Franklin and his friendship with a fictional church mouse named Amos.

During Fridays performance, we watched Ben and Amos work together on inventions such as the Franklin stove, the development of literary maxims such as “the pen is mightier than the sword”, scientific experiments including Ben‘s famous kite and the conductivity of electricity, and finally the composition of the Declaration of Independence.

Tell us about what you learned!  What was your favorite part?  Did you have a favorite song?







Our Field Trip to The Grove!

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We had our first field trip in 2nd grade this week to The Grove!  We visited the one room schoolhouse and met our teacher Miss Gale.  We learned a lot about what school life was like back in 1861 for children.

What was your favorite part of the field trip?  What did you learn?  What did you find most interesting?


Visiting our Pen Pals!

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We had such a nice time walking over and visiting our Pen Pals at Covenant Village.  Even though there was a little rain on our walk back, the day was fun and exciting!  You all did such a great job singing your songs for the residents.  They loved seeing you and hearing you sing!

What was your favorite part about visiting Covenant Village?  What was something special you and your pen pal talked about? Was there anything you learned you after visiting your pen pal that you didn’t know before our visit?

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Visit from Bill Bellis and Dr. Amy Brodsky

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We had a wonderful visit yesterday from the chief meteorologist from the FOX 32 news; Mr. Bill Bellis.  He brought along Dr. Amy Brodsky to talk about sun protection.  Its was a very interesting assembly and we learned a lot of important information!  What did you find most interesting about their presentation?  What was the most important thing you learned?


Shedd Aquarium

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The 2nd graders had a wonderful field trip on Monday visiting the Shedd Aquarium.  We saw many fun and interesting sea creatures.  We even got to see an exciting dolphin show!  What was your favorite part of the field trip?  What was the most exciting or interesting sea creature you saw?

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Dede Sampaio

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Yesterday you had a wonderful assembly put on by Brazilian percussionist Dede Sampaio called “Sounds of Brazil”.  What was your favorite part of the assembly?  What did you learn?

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Lighted Schoolhouse

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It was so nice seeing so many of you along with your parents and other family members at Lighted Schoolhouse last night!  You did a great job showing your families around the classroom and school and sharing what you have been working on.  What was your favorite part of Lighted Schoolhouse?  Did your family have a particular part they liked the best?