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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back 2nd graders!  I look forward to a great year of learning and fun with you!

Science Fun!

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Over the past few weeks we have conducted many fun science experiments!  We put a liquid in the freezer to observe the changes.  We left a covered and uncovered petri dish sitting out overnight to see what happened to the water levels in each.  We mixed solids with solids (gravel and salt).  Lastly, we mixed various solids (salt, gravel, and tissue) in a liquid and observed how each changed in the water.  What was your favorite experiment in this unit and why?  What was one thing you learned?

Ben and Me!

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Last Friday was so exciting!  Face to Face Productions came to Wescott School to perform their original musical play, Ben and Me.  Based on the well-known children’s novel by Robert Lawson, Ben and Me tells the story of Ben Franklin and his friendship with a fictional church mouse named Amos.

During Fridays performance, we watched Ben and Amos work together on inventions such as the Franklin stove, the development of literary maxims such as “the pen is mightier than the sword”, scientific experiments including Ben‘s famous kite and the conductivity of electricity, and finally the composition of the Declaration of Independence.

Tell us about what you learned!  What was your favorite part?  Did you have a favorite song?







Our Field Trip to The Grove!

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We had our first field trip in 2nd grade this week to The Grove!  We visited the one room schoolhouse and met our teacher Miss Gale.  We learned a lot about what school life was like back in 1861 for children.

What was your favorite part of the field trip?  What did you learn?  What did you find most interesting?


Welcome Back!

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We made it through our first full week of school!  We spent the first week getting to know each other, setting some goals, and even celebrating two birthdays!  Wow what a full week it was!

What was one thing you remember from the first week of school?  Was there something new your learned?  Something that seemed cool that you can’t wait to do?  Share your thoughts!


Number Corner

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We are coming to the end of December and the end of our second month of Number Corner.  What types of activities have we done?  Which has been your favorite?   Have you learned anything new?  Share your thoughts!