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Many Moons

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We just finished reading the book “Many Moons”.  It told the story of Princess Lenore  and how the only thing that would make her feel better was to have the moon!  We read about many characters that had different ideas about the moon.

What are your thoughts about the moon?  How far away is the moon from Earth?  What is it made of?  How big is it?  How would you keep someone from seeing the moon (like in the book)?  Share your thoughts and ideas.

Science Fun!

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Over the past few weeks we have conducted many fun science experiments!  We put a liquid in the freezer to observe the changes.  We left a covered and uncovered petri dish sitting out overnight to see what happened to the water levels in each.  We mixed solids with solids (gravel and salt).  Lastly, we mixed various solids (salt, gravel, and tissue) in a liquid and observed how each changed in the water.  What was your favorite experiment in this unit and why?  What was one thing you learned?

To “Bee” or Not to “Bee”

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Over the last couple weeks we have been reading three books about bees:

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In your opinion, are bees a good insect or a bad insect?  Give you opinion and support it with reasons and examples!


Solids and Liquids

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The past couple weeks we have been conducting some science experiments involving solids and liquids.  You also listened to a story about solids and liquids.

What are some characteristics of solids and liquids?  How would you describe them?

Of the experiments we have conducted so far which has been your favorite?

What is something you learned while doing these experiments?

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Fall is Here!

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October is here and so is Fall!  Fall is my favorite season.  I love seeing the leaves change on the trees!

In number corner we talked about pinnate and palmate leaves.  Do you remember the differences?

Are you happy it is Fall?  What is your favorite part about Fall?  Do you miss Summer?  What is your favorite season and why?

Shadow Fun!

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In science we have been studying astronomy.  We also went outside and had some fun with our shadows.  We traced them in the morning and went out again in the afternoon.

How did your shadow change?  What did you learn from this activity?  What was your favorite part?

Visit from Bill Bellis and Dr. Amy Brodsky

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We had a wonderful visit yesterday from the chief meteorologist from the FOX 32 news; Mr. Bill Bellis.  He brought along Dr. Amy Brodsky to talk about sun protection.  Its was a very interesting assembly and we learned a lot of important information!  What did you find most interesting about their presentation?  What was the most important thing you learned?


Big Run Wolf Ranch Visits Wescott!

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On March 21st, we were lucky enough to have some furry visitors come to Wescott.  We were able to see a skunk, porcupine, coyote, and wolf.  We learned a lot about these animals as well.  What was your favorite part of the assembly?  What did you learn?










Science Fun!

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We have been talking a lot about Balance and Motion in Science.  We made mobiles, tops, and zoomers.  What have you learned?  What has been your favorite experiment so far?

DSC00245 DSC00250  DSC00275DSC00279