Saturday, October 4th, 2014...11:18 am

Hello Fall!

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October is here and so is that fall weather!  As much as I enjoy the hot summer days, I have to be honest and say I LOVE the crisp and cool fall days even more.  It may also be because my birthday is in October too, and who doesn’t love birthdays? 🙂

This week in kindergarten we read the book, Fall Leaves Fall, by Zoe Hall.  The first time we read this book together we discussed how where we live, there is a noticeable difference in weather as the seasons change.  We talked about what we see, feel, and do during different seasons.  While reading, we focused on the season we are currently in…fall/autumn.  We explored the different types of leaves we might find around our school and neighborhood and what colors these leaves turn during the fall time.  After our read aloud many of the kids collected fall leaves during recess and before or after school to bring in class to share.  We used our book, Fall Leaves Fall, to determine what types of leaves we found outside.  Most of the leaves were Maple and Beech leaves.

The second time we read the book together, we practiced reading the book in two different ways. The first way we read was  by reading just the pictures and the second was by reading the words and looking at the pictures.  Everyone helped out and did a great job reading!



20141002_144445 20141005_11571220141002_144523 20141002_14453420141002_144510(Kindergartners collecting leaves near our playground)



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