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Grade 5 Allegorical Fiction

It’s a good problem to have when a teacher has an overwhelming amount of amazing student work to share.

Here are the collected stories of the Navigate fifth graders. Download, print if you want, share with all far and wide. Read your child’s story. Read every child’s story. There is some amazing writing in here.

I did add my two cents to the foreword. I hope you’ll read my tribute to the kids and the incredible work they have done.


Figuratively Speaking-Allegorical and Dystopian Short Fiction

Grade 4 Poetry Collections

For someone who makes a living out of words, I have to confess that I don’t have adequate words to express how proud I am of the fourth grade students for their poetry collections. Over the course of several weeks, they experimented with various types of poetry, always trying to use language and line breaks to make powerful writing even more powerful.

Students crafted dozens of poems, then worked to curate a collection based on the strength of their pieces and the overall tone they wished to set. Once they had a sizable body of work, they read their own poems, and shared them with both me and trusted readers in the class to gain a more objective eye.

Click on the collections to read their poetry. Read, print, share, enjoy. And, if you’re so inclined, leave a comment for our poets below. Happy reading!

The River Flows Gently Like a Feather Falling to the Ground by Jaymin C.
Flowers by Mia H.
Daydream by Brooke C.
Poems Are Random By Leah C.
Life turns to death by Nicole R.
Nature Poems & Others by Connor T.
The Poe-tree by Alex K.
Peaceful Poetry by- Julia K.
Poetry that Warms Your Heart by Chloe Z.
The Moon and All by Atchaya
Emily M’s Collected Works
The Book of Collected Poetry by Aaron L.
A Poem Collection by Joslyn A.
Collection Of Poetry By Emily L.
Dylan’s Poetry Collection
Super enormous book filled with poems by Harper K