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Wrinkle in Time Independent Study

As we read, there are many different options to study subjects and people that will deepen your understanding of Wrinkle. Use the table below to guide your study.


Are tesseracts real? Listen to astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan explain the science behind the fourth dimension. 
A Wrinkle in Time
is an allegory about a time in history called The Cold War. Learn about what the Cold War was, and how it affected world history.
Hear the famous excerpt from Carl Sagan’s book,“Pale Blue Dot.” Listen a few times to get the full feel.
Learn about physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his ideas. He’s the guy who hosted the remake of the famous series, Cosmos
Complete the “Fighters of Darkness” worksheet from Mrs. Levin.
Do we need sight to understand the world around us? Listen to Tommy Edison, a man who helps seeing people understand what it’s like to be blind.
 Learn more about Madeleine L’Engle‘s life. For a deeper read, try reading her obituary in The New York Times.
Camazotz offers us a view into a dystopia. Go into your AR 360 library to learn more about what defines dystopian fiction.Once you finish with that, check out this flowchart to give you a visual guide.
 Want to know what academic analysis looks like? Read an academic paper about Camazotz and IT in Wrinkle in Time. (There are others on that site, too!)
The Cold War wasn’t just about governments and armies. Read Peter Sis’s book The Wall to learn how the Cold War affected families and people.
 What exactly is science fiction? Investigate a few sources that tell you how to define the genre. Neil DeGrasse Tyson says a whole lot of mind-blowing things, especially when kids ask him questions. Check out these eye-openers.
Choose and research a Fighter of Darkness in world history.  Hear Ray Bradbury read his poem, “If Only We had Taller Been.” Have a copy of his poem handy to read and mark up. Meg, Calvin and Charles Wallace visit Camazotz, Ixchel and Uriel. Research the mythological sources behind these place names.
Throughout the novel, Mrs. Who quotes many important works, along with many famous people and characters. Find and source some of them.  Write your own sci-fi short story or create a poem based on any of the ideas or characters we’ve encountered in Wrinkle. Do you have something  – or someone – you’d like to spend more time learning about? Something that connects to A Wrinkle in Time? Propose your idea to Mrs. Levin.

LA Navigate News

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When we come together as a class, what’s our most precious resource?

Who will be teaching the LA Navigate group?

If you share an answer, what’s the worst that could happen?

Why does Mrs. Levin ask so many questions?

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