Comparing Communities

Dear bloggers,

Our world is amazing! Each country, state, city, town and community are made up of people, places to work and things for people to do, but no two communities are exactly the same. Each community is special because of it’s unique characteristics and the way you feel when you are there.

Compare your community to a place that you have visited in another community that you have been. You can use some of these examples to help you expand your writing. Where was it? What made it different or special? Who was there with you? What did it look, sound and feel like?

Please use complete sentences, punctuation and think of your senses when writing. Also, remember to create a movie in your head to get all the great details into your writing.


Mrs. Cohen

The Grove

Yesterday we went on a field trip to The Grove.  We learned about American Indians who lived in this area and how they got and prepared their food,  made jewelry, started fire and the games they played.  I would like you to write about three things that you found interesting from our visit.  Make sure to share your ideas, include details and write in complete sentences.

Be sure to take a look at the pictures from our great day!

Happy Blogging,

Mrs. Cohen

News From Room 200….

These first weeks of school have flown by!  We have spent the time getting to know each other, learning classroom routines and all about third grade.  We are off to a fantastic start!

Please be sure to read our first edition of Cohen’s Chronicles written by our class.  This newspaper will give you a  peek into all we have been learning in third grade.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Cohen