Conference Connections and Reflections

I just attended a great librarian’s conference in St. Charles. The conference was useful and offered some neat ideas for me to incorporate as your Library Media Specialist. One of the goals I am focusing on this year is to help you, our Maple students, embrace the research process. At the conference, I was able to harvest an abundance of ideas and activities to help me with this goal. One activity I participated in was a fun way to demonstrate how Boolean operators “And,” “Or,” and “Not” work to help you perform an effective search. I can’t wait for us to try this activity the next time we work together on a project. 🙂

Another goal I am working on, along with a team of others, is to transition our Library Media Center into a Learning Commons. To put it simply, a learning commons is a flexible space that invites you to use the space the way you need it and to be able to access resources and technology devices when you need them. A more in depth explanation of what a learning commons entails will come in a future post. At the conference, a librarian from Hinsdale shared her school’s journey toward the Learning Commons. She changed her scheduling procedures and her furniture to create a more flexible use of the space. I am happy to say that our LMC is on the right path toward this concept. We have a flexible space, 24/7 online accessibility to quality resources, forums to work with each other, extended hours, and so much more.

As I walked away from the conference, I reflected on how lucky I am to be a member of the Maple family. I am proud of our community and how you support our LMC. We emphasize openness in sharing our abilities, interests, and gifts to help each other. We are able to be ourselves and voice our thoughts and we do so in respectful ways. We are encouraged to think outside the box and not be afraid to fail. We nurture each other’s creativity and brilliance. We work together to produce a healthy Mustang herd.

Please continue to share your thoughts with me as we walk together. I am proud of all we have accomplished in the LMC throughout the year that I have been here.

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