Welcome Back!

News for Week 1: 8/21 – 8/25/17

Welcome back to school!

I am so happy to be back as the librarian at Wescott for my 3rd year.  Last year was so much fun, and I have even more fun planned for 2017-2018!

A new look to the library:

A lot has been happening in the library over the summer!!!

We have made quite a few updates to our look! The old wall of bookcases on the teaching side of the library has come down and has been replaced with cabinets and a giant white board. The old rickety picture book carts have been replaced by new, moveable browsing bins! We also have 9 new colorful stools for students to sit on while they are reading. They no longer have to all squeeze into the 4 comfy chairs!

I can’t wait until you all see it the first week of school! Check out the picture for a sneak peek.

Library lessons:

This week all grades will visit the library for a 15 min period to review the behavior expectations for the library.  We are discussing what the Wescott Way looks like in the library, and giving examples of how to Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Here & Ready.

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