The Wescott Way in the Library & Curriculum Night

News for Week 2: 8/28-9/1/17

This week students are continuing to discuss how we follow the Wescott Way in the Library.  1st graders are learning about taking care of their books by reading Mr Wiggles Book by Paula Craig, and they are checking out books from the Wescott Library for the first time this year.

2nd graders are reading But Excuse Me, That is My Book by Lauren Childs, and discussing how we learn more when we check out a variety of books.

3rd-5th graders recently received their iPads, so we are discussing iPad etiquette in the library.

Grades 2-5 are learning about the maker space which will open next week.

Curriculum Night:

I am very happy to announce that Sarah Rustman, the School Outreach Librarian at the Northbrook Public Library, will be joining me at Curriculum Night. We will set up at table at the front of the school at the beginning of curriculum night so parents can pick up information on the exciting programs happening at NPL this fall.

Sarah recently informed me that 247 Wescott students signed up for the summer reading at NPL this past summer! WOW!

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