Creating a Works Cited Using EasyBib


EasyBib logo

As good digital citizens and researchers, we ALWAYS cite our sources at Wescott!

We use EasyBib to help make this process easier.  Follow these simple directions to give credit where credit is due:

  • Open Safari
  • Go to
  • Add to Homescreen so you can get to EasyBib quickly the next time you need it!
  • Login at the top right corner
    • Click Sign in with Google
  • Click New Project
    • Give your project a name example: Squirrels
    • Make sure the Style is MLA
    • Click Create
    • Click Bibliography
  • Now it is time to start citing your sources!
  • Make sure to choose the correct TYPE of source.  For example, if you are using a book, click book.  If you are using a website, click website.
  • To cite a book:
    • Look for the book # (called an ISBN) on the back of your book (usually located above or below the STORE barcode NOT the Wescott library barcode), or on the back of the title page inside the book.
    • Simply type the ISBN and click Cite It
    • Check that EasyBib found the correct book
    • Click Cite This
    • If any information is missing you can add it now
    • Click Create Citation