New Maker Space for November!

News for 10/30-11/3/17

A new maker space will open on Monday 10/30. In order to promote reading throughout the school, students will make a “currently reading” locker decoration. Maker Space reminders:

  • Two students may come down from each class during extension time to work on the maker space project.
  • If students go to appointments during extension, we can work out another time for them to come.
  • Please send your students with the pass, and let them know what time they need to return to class.


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Happy Halloween

10/23- 10/27/17

This week in library most classes are hearing Halloween related stories.  1st graders are reading the Halloween Hustle by Charlotte Gunnufson and talking about the rhyme and repetition in the story.  2nd graders are reading Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds and talking about characters, setting, problem and solution, as well as mood and tone. Students will be asked to figure out the problem and solution from the different character’s point of view.

3rd graders will begin working on their American Indian research project. Using PebbleGo Next, student will make notes on the information about the tribes.  4th graders will also discuss mood and tone while they read Creepy Pair of Underwear.  5th graders will get an introduction to primary vs. secondary resources by reading Aliens Are Coming!: The True Account of the 1938 War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast by M McCarthy and hearing the original War of the Worlds radio broadcast.

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Off to the ISLMA Conference

I am off to the Illinois School Library Media Conference this week Thursday & Friday!  I am SUPER excited to bring back what I learn to D30 and implement some new strategies in the Wescott Library!

A sub will be in the library to read and discuss Monarch award books with grades 1st & 2nd, to guide students in grades 3rd grade as they work on research, and to help 4th and 5th grade students as they practice citing sources.

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New Maker Space + Author Visit!

News for 10/2 – 10/6/17

New Maker Space this week!  Students are invited to DIY a robot using paper tubes and pipe cleaner.

The Wescott Library is excited to announce that the The Book Stall is sending us not one, but TWO authors on Oct 10th! 4th and 5th grade students will welcome Stuart Gibbs and James Ponti to our school. Our students are BIG fans of Gibbs’ Spy School series, and they are sure to enjoy hearing from both mystery authors.

The order form for autographed books was sent home with students, but click the link if you need another copy.  ALL ORDER FORMS ARE DUE BY 10/4.  Please make checks payable to The Book Stall.



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Award Books & Banned Books

News for 9/25 9/29/17

This week in library 1st and 2nd graders will continue reading books off of the Monarch Award list.  We will also be reviewing the difference between fiction and nonfiction books.

3rd and 4th graders will be introduced to the 2018 Bluestem Award list, and we will discuss why it is important for students to have a voice in the literature award process.

This week 5th graders are learning about Banned Books Week, and discussing the issues involved in our Freedom to Read.

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News for 9/18-9/22/17

News for Week 5: 9/18 – 9/24/17

This week in library students in grades 1-2 will be introduced to the Illinois Readers’ Choice Book Awards.  Students will learn how they can participate in choosing the winner of the Monarch Award.

Students will be discussing: What is a book award?  What does it mean to participate in the award process?  How can we make sure our voices are heard?

Students in 3rd – 5th grades are continuing to practice using the Alexandria catalog.  We updated our catalog system over the summer, so things look quite different!  Students will need some time to get used to the new layout as they search for books in the Wescott library.

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News for Week 4: 9/11-9/15/17

This week students will be celebrating International Dot Day.  Students will be reading  The Dot by Peter Reynolds.   We will be talking about growth mindset and celebrating our creativity through a couple of different projects.

Look for student Dot projects hanging in the library or in the halls. Students in grade 1 will be making water color dots with coffee filters.  Grade 2 will have the opportunity to explore their dots through augmented reality with the Quiver app on their iPads. Grades 3-5 will be making dots with quotes about growth mindset or Partners in Peace (our 2017-18 school theme).  Follow Dot Day on Twitter: #internationaldotday

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News for Week 3: 9/4- 9/8/17

This week in library we are continuing to work with library behavior expectations and library procedures.

1st graders are reading the book Library Lion by M Knudson and talking about behavior in the library.

2nd graders are reading Ms. Brooks Loves Books and I Don’t by B Bottner and discussing finding a good fit book to read.

3rd graders are playing Library Jeopardy!

4th graders are learning how to use the Word Cloud app to make a word cloud about the library.  We are reviewing how to share and post our work to Seesaw.

5th graders are making PicCollage posters or interactive ThingLink posters about the library and posting them to Seesaw.

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The Wescott Way in the Library & Curriculum Night

News for Week 2: 8/28-9/1/17

This week students are continuing to discuss how we follow the Wescott Way in the Library.  1st graders are learning about taking care of their books by reading Mr Wiggles Book by Paula Craig, and they are checking out books from the Wescott Library for the first time this year.

2nd graders are reading But Excuse Me, That is My Book by Lauren Childs, and discussing how we learn more when we check out a variety of books.

3rd-5th graders recently received their iPads, so we are discussing iPad etiquette in the library.

Grades 2-5 are learning about the maker space which will open next week.

Curriculum Night:

I am very happy to announce that Sarah Rustman, the School Outreach Librarian at the Northbrook Public Library, will be joining me at Curriculum Night. We will set up at table at the front of the school at the beginning of curriculum night so parents can pick up information on the exciting programs happening at NPL this fall.

Sarah recently informed me that 247 Wescott students signed up for the summer reading at NPL this past summer! WOW!

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Welcome Back!

News for Week 1: 8/21 – 8/25/17

Welcome back to school!

I am so happy to be back as the librarian at Wescott for my 3rd year.  Last year was so much fun, and I have even more fun planned for 2017-2018!

A new look to the library:

A lot has been happening in the library over the summer!!!

We have made quite a few updates to our look! The old wall of bookcases on the teaching side of the library has come down and has been replaced with cabinets and a giant white board. The old rickety picture book carts have been replaced by new, moveable browsing bins! We also have 9 new colorful stools for students to sit on while they are reading. They no longer have to all squeeze into the 4 comfy chairs!

I can’t wait until you all see it the first week of school! Check out the picture for a sneak peek.

Library lessons:

This week all grades will visit the library for a 15 min period to review the behavior expectations for the library.  We are discussing what the Wescott Way looks like in the library, and giving examples of how to Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Here & Ready.

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