I hope you are all doing well during this crazy time! Please continue to check your email daily for your assignment!

I hope to see you soon!

Mrs. Fosco

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Fall feelings…

This week was cozy as we spent a lot of time drafting our stories. As you can probably tell, writing will take place over many days! It will be fun to start to edit our stories together to add new thoughts and change what was originally thought of as “perfect”. A first draft is never perfect. We will continue to work on using different sentences types in writing to keep our readers interested.

Enjoy the LLLOOONNNGGG weekend!

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Our story continues…

We filled our week by learning about plot structure and identifying it in a variety of stories. From “Ghost of the Lagoon” to “Chillie”, we covered a ton of plot structures! I’m excited to start reading your “Ghost of the Lagoon” individual writing components to see what you thought of that story! I look forward to hearing more about your independent reading books through our reading conferences. But, before we do that… here are a few more puns for you to enjoy!

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Week Two

This week we were busy with a variety of tasks. We filled the week with book talks, interest inventories, goal setting, and two types of creative writing. I appreciate the cooperative group work in all three of my block classes. I also am so excited to see what you shared with me through your writing!

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Your first week!

Congratulations! You have successfully navigated through your first full week of middle school. I hope that you have found it to be exciting! I know that it might seem like a lot to digest at times, but I also know that you will rock this year! Please don’t hesitate to stop by and ask any questions that come to mind; I am here to help. ūüôā

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I am so excited to meet you! This year is sure to be filled with adventures in learning.

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Well look at that….

The timing couldn’t have been better for this article to come out!


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Chris Rylander Visit on December 11, 2018

Popular author, Chris Rylander, will visit our 6th Grade students on Tuesday, December 11. Chris loves to motivate and entertain students by sharing how he became a writer and the funny, real life stories that inspired parts of his books.

Some of Chris’s books include the Fourth Stall series, the Codename Conspiracy series, and his newest book, The Legend of Greg. Chris’s presentation will end with a Q&A session and book signing.

The first book in both the¬†Fourth Stall¬†and¬†Codename Conspiracy¬†as well as¬†The Legend of Greg¬†are available to order prior to his visit. Please fill out the order form¬†(found here)¬†by Friday, November 30th. Please send payment in exact change or a check made out to “The Book Bin” to the Maple LMC by Friday! The Book Bin is partnering with us to provide the books in time for Chris‚Äôs visit.

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So, we’ve made it to November!¬† This is a fabulous month for so many reasons.¬† Hopefully, you’ve found a lot of reasons to smile this month-besides ELA class.¬† ūüôā¬† We have been working on understanding different types of sentences and why authors use each type of sentence while writing. I know that I always appreciate a book more when I can understand the author’s word choices and the plot.

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Book Fair!

There are some great new titles to check out at the book fair!  The fair will be held from November 27-29.   Get ready to read!



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