Mentor Blogs

Pet owners – Terrific blog about dogs, dog owners, celebrity dogs, etc… – Written from the perspective of a dachsund.  Clever and fun to read. – Cat Owners Blog – Cat owner blog by person who has also written a fiction series about her cats.

Fashion – Blog by a thrift-store fanatic, about fashion and finding a bargain in unexpected places.

Science / Technology – Science focused blog by the author of many science books. – Writers at Wired Magazine maintain a bunch of blogs, which are all collected here. – Essential blog if you are interested in technology gadgets, gaming or things like that.


Gabriele Marcotti’s blog for ESPN-FC — terrific soccer writer

Joe Posnanski’s Blog – A terrific sports writer and lover of baseball.  This blog covers all aspects of baseball, culture and tactics.

Travel – A travel blog, written by journalists when they aren’t reporting for their real jobs.  The writing is awesome, and the content can sometimes be serious as well as fun. – Written by a couple who travel the country in an old Ford Focus, cooking by the side of the road and backpacking. – The two people who write this blog make a point of visiting places that are off the grid and unexpected.  Their experiences are terrific, and it’s an example of a blog written from a unique perspective.

Cooking / Food – Great cooking blog about baking, travel and other experiences the author has around food.  Recipes are terrific too. – Cooking blog from a man in Greece, who has amazing recipes, and writes really well too. – A local voice, checking out places to eat around The Windy City.

Extras: Finalists for the Edublog awards

Miriam’s Magical Moments

Heather’s Perfect Posts

Planet Zoe

Zac’s Lego Blog

Autistic and Proud

Avogadro Salad

Bella’s World