Royal Obsessed

Greetings royal enthusiasts,

If you’re anything like me, you’re semi-obsessed with the recent royal happenings, specifically the engagement of Diana, Princess of Wales’s youngest son, Harry, to American actor Meghan Markle.  This earth-shattering news leaves us royal-watchers wondering:  who is this American brunette who has captured the heart of England’s most eligible royal bachelor?  And what are the plans for the wedding of year?  Well, you’re in luck because you’ve found a source for all the dishy tidbits on the princess-to be, the ring, the engagement and, the wedding.

First, let’s talk a little about the lucky girl herself:  Megan Markle, age 36, was born in Los Angeles, California.  Her father was a sound engineer on the famous 80’s TV show, Married With Children while her mother worked as a yoga instructor.  Meghan’s not your average budding princess:  she’s making royal history and breaking barriers in all kinds of areas.  First, she’s divorced (which may not be a big deal for you and me, but it’s huge for the royals as it wasn’t too long ago that the King abdicated his throne to marry a divorcee).  Second, she’s bi-racial (again, no biggie in the real world, but  another royal first).  Go Meghan!  This blogger is excited about our new princess…more to come about her acting, her philanthropy (a passion that she and Harry share), and her plans to undoubtedly shake up the castle a little.

So what’s next for this plucky American?  Well, Royal Central reports that it’s Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham- hope she’s brushed up on her manners as that’s bound to be a tough crowd!  I wonder what she’ll get the queen?  A new hankie?  Maybe a  yoga mat? Best of luck Meghan – we’re rooting for you!

Cherrio for now!